Greenfields is a member of The Gun Trade Association


For beginners or the more experienced there is always more to learn.

Shooting lessons will resume on wednesday the 30th July for experienced guns only with there own gun and license.
We advise you bring a suitable mask  for your session
to book call 01227 713222

Private lessons, normally one hour, are the best way to hone your skills or correct a fault. You will have the undivided attention of one of our instructors, who will help to improve your performance on a variety of targets, whether high driven birds from the towers, testing crossers or that awkward springing teal. The cost per hour for instruction is £60 plus the cost of cartridges and clays used. A typical one-hour lesson including 50 cartridges and clays costs just under £90. You are, of course, welcome to use you own cartridges if you wish.

For a beginner we would recommend a course of five lessons. This can be arranged over a time-scale to suit you, and the hour’s instruction on the fifth lesson is free. One-hour lessons can be shared by two people, but for three or four in a group two hours would be more suitable. The same £60 hourly rate applies to the group and not per person.

Greenfields members are entitled to a 10% discount. All lessons are by appointment and need prior booking. Lessons are booked on an hourly basis and can be made for a  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

First appointment 9.00am – last appointment 4.00pm (summer) 3.00pm (winter).

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Tel: 01227 713222 to book.